Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Improve writing skills motivating students.

Writing is not an easy skill to teach in the digital age we live. The problem is that most students make punctuation and grammar mistakes. This often happens because they write in a hurry .The faster they finish the best.They don`t have enough motivation to check and look for new vocabulary. What`s worst they aren`t involved in their writing. They feel it`s just an exercise and it`s unreal. I asked myself how I could change this situation and I found a real purpose to motivate them:I realized that they could produce letters to real people from different countries in the community I created for a goal I proposed:Link To world https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102242336148220737279 They could also choose who to write to. I wanted them not to leave the pen and sheet because they make you unique: you have a spelling which identifies you and your personal touch, so I decided to make my students take pictures and  post their productions. I was really surprised.There was a real change: in their effort to impress recipients and make their post perfect they paid attention to every single detail. They took their time to do their best and the results were great. They are looking forward to hearing from others and send them another letter by the virtual world. These are moments I captured so that you can picture what I`m telling you about.