Friday, February 28, 2014

Create your PNL

Interacting in social networks with educators is essential to integrate technology effectively. I think this is very important because you can profit from collegues and don`t feel alone.At the very beginning you don`t know where to start and feel at a loss, but then you start knowing nice and smart people who not only increase your knowledge with useful information but also inspire and encourage you. Then, when time passes by you feel part of the different networks and you can`t believe all you learn day by day and all your achievements which some day seemed so far away are now so close. You really feel you have much more to learn, but you are on the go and this is my piece of advice:if you haven`t interacted in social networks with educators do it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My comic with GoAnimate

A StoryBoard by me

This StoryBoard is to introduce pronouns and possessive adjectives in context.

Creat comics with StoryBoard That

StoryBoard That is a great tool to create stories. Either your students can create it or you to introduce a topic to talk about or why not a grammar point.There are a lot of characters, colours to customize them, settings and speech bubbles to choose which is great because it fosters imagination in students.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Add tags to images: use ThingLink

uThis is a useful application which is free for iPads and there is a website allows to add tags to web links, comments, photos, or videos.If you want you can search and embed YouTube videos. This applications is idealto make interactive reports, digital portfolios, tagged maps, learning summaries, interactive book talks, talking artwork, history projects, study guides, and much more. Once your students have all images tagged, you can link students´projects on ThingLink and embed them in a wiki, too. This is a ThingLink I created:

Another example using OurStory

OurStory an innovative way to write online

OurStory is ideal to use for developing writing skills because it enables you to write stories, tag friends and add media to collaborative timelines either privately or in public. Students can make groups to work in a task you give them and they have the chance of downloading their story in PDF form if they don`t want to embed it. A good idea is that other students and their teacher comment on the stories once they are ready so as to give feedback. In my opinion, this innovative way of writing will motivate students and they will reinforce and improve their writing skills. This is part of a story about Buenos Aries which a friend and I wrote:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make amazing videos using Animoto

ANIMOTO is an amazing tool for making videos which can be used for education. There is a great variety of styles:Kawaii, Brilliance, Coming Up Roses, Rustic, Antique Bouquet, Through the Blossoms, Fireworks, Animoto Original, Birthday Gifts,Carousel, Dance Party, Grid, Inferno, Infinite Collage, Inkwell, Paper Array, Simplicity, The Arena and The Future. Maybe, you ask how it works. Well, it`s quite simple. You add a title and subtitle (optional), choose a song or keep the one you are given, pick up your photos from social networks and then add captions to the images. After that, your video is ready. If you have a free account the video lasts 30 seconds and I think it is enough to express ideas.When students finish they may share,embed or download their videos and use it as part of a project. This is an example using Flickr photos uploaded from Second Life, this video could be created to reinforce past tense.

Copy of My experience in Second Life

Add text to images with Pinwords

PinPinwords is a free tool which doesn`t require to be registered. It is very useful when you want to write on images: you can upload them from your computer or website. If you don`t want to do it, you can choose backgrounds or try their bookmarklet. You have many options to place your title:tape, typewriter, wide, just caption, titled or handwritten note.Once you write the words you can pin the image. Having the pin button is a great advantage because your students cac create a board in pinterest for a project.Pictures can also be shared via twitter: you can tweet a picture and your students can tweet about it. Other alternatives are to use Tumblr or e-mail to work with your students. This is an example:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Use SMORE:present your project using a flyer

SMORE is an attractive presentation tool which allows to add not only text but also pictures, audio and video.This tool is ideal to do a writing task and post it. Students can record the text they are about to write and then upload it with a picture in Souncloud or just add background music. Smore can be printed and embedded in many social networks which is great to share your work. This is an example I created:students write about their city and present their work using Smore.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Make tutorials with SlideTalk

Some of the advantages of this free tool is that you can combine images with powerpoints, upload them one by one and then give them voice which makes your tutorial realistic and clearer. Besides, you can edit slides and share your video automatically exported to YouTube in many social networks. This is a SlideTalk by me:

Keys to use technology effectively

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My PhotoShow

ROXIO PhotoShow:a great publishing tool

ROXIO PhotoShow is a great tool to publish projects such as biographies, reviews, stories or any kind of writing with your students. You can upload photos from your computer and add music with makes it lively and motivating. These are some video tutorials to learn how to use it:                                                   


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

COMICS HEAD:endless storytelling with mobiles phones

COMICS HEAD allows us to tell stories and share our experiences using mobile phones. Its format is amazing:you have comics and photo journals which seen to be designed by an artist. This App is easy to use: you can create storyboards, fun stuff or art! Students` will have no limits.There is a great variety of templates, so options of creation are multiple. Students can also capture screenshots of Web pages and Maps and contextualize their comics more. Finally, when they finish they can share their creations with their friends on facebook or e-mail them.

         This is a tutorial about COMICS HEAD:

ZOHO DOCS: one of my favourite presentation tools.

ZOHO DOCS is a great presentation tool which can be used for collaborative work. Maybe you ask yourself what the difference is with other ones. Well, you can embed all the resources you have ever imaged. This is a tutorial so that you can learn how to use it:                         

Monday, February 17, 2014

A PREZI by me

PADLET: a great tool to make a presentation.

You`ve already seen how to use PADLET. This time I will show you a PADLET I created to make a presentation in the community The 30 Goals Challenge For Educators.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What to do when you lack computers in your classroom.

I work in two public Argentinian schools where the institutions don`t have computers to work in the classroom and I thought that my students should have the same chances as students in private schools have. From that moment, I started  thinking how to bring technology to my classroom. I read many articles and attended many web seminars and I heard about mobile learning which was the spark I needed to lighten my expectations. I didn`t know how to work with mobiles, so I connected with educators in different communities and  I tried to collect as much information as I could. I really surprised when I knew there were hundred of  free mobile applications  for education. I would like to mention some which I will try as soon as my classes start:



Friday, February 14, 2014

More about SOUNCLOUD

This a track I uploaded with a recording of instructions for an exercise:

SOUNDCLOUD: the ideal audio platform.

This audio platform is very useful for educators.

There are multiple uses:

*Students can listen to tracks and then work on a topic related to it.
* They can work with songs doing pre-listening, while-listening and follow up exercises.
*Teachers can upload audio and make their own creative listenings.
*Students can also upload their recordings for speaking activities.

 Other advantages:

* Audio can be embedded in any site. Images for covers can be uploaded from your computer.

 This is a track made by me:  I turned a reading into a listening.

Tutorials for GLOSSI


A GLOSSI by me

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Google applications

Why should we use Google Drive?

Maybe you haven`t checked all the applications you can add to Google Chrome if you have a Gmail account.They are very useful and there is no need of downloading any software which occupies space in your pc. You have all of them at hand just with one click. I will show you some of the most popular ones:

Monday, February 10, 2014

My SlideTalk Video: Roles in Moodle

Make your presentation talk:use SLIDE TALK

If you want to give life to your presentations use SLIDE TALK.

These are my steps to make my presentation:

 1.I uploaded the images (in paint)

2.I wrote the texts next to the loaded slides. Then I selected them and clicked on listen

3.I previewed the Slide talk

4.I produced it
5.I decided not to share it on social networks, so it was automatically exported to YouTube

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My experience in Second Life

SECOND LIFE to teach

SECOND LIFE is a virtual world which provides simulation of real life enviornments. In this world students feel free to learn because they are avatars and they feel free to create and play."Second Life brings immersive, immediate and - more importantly - supportive, social and truly constructivist - potential to distance learning. Combined with a virtual learning environment such as Moodle, this is the killer education application for the inventive teacher" says Gavin Dudeney online-education consultant of The Consultants-E and co-author of How to Teach English with Technology, Longman, 2007. SECOND LIFE is much more than a 3D experience.
It may be used for:

 *Introducing a topic:They can watch videos there for discussion
                              You can project key phrases to provide input
                              You can give resources on a topic and they can exchange ideas

 *Interaction phase:Students can break into groups to practise
                            They can chat via text
                            They can teleport to different places according to their needs
                            They can roleplay
                            They can give a presentation

 *Follow up: They can reflect on their experiences
                    You can assign a project on their work

A tutorial:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My TOONDOO:previous images


My family

TOONDOO a funny way to create comics

Nowadays it is not easy to estimulate writing and TOONDOO is ideal to use. Students can make funny comics strips. You can sign either for public TOONDOO (free) or or private TOONDOO spaces

This is a tutorial

HOT POTATOES:a freeware tool

This great tool includes six applications to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises which can be published  on the web. You may use it for any purpose.

Tutorial for windows:

Example exercises:

Tutorial for the Masher program:

How to write good multiple choice questions:

How to write good multiple select questions:

How to make a traditional multiple choice test in Jquiz:

How to play MP3 files using flash:

SCORM 1.2 in Hot Potatoes:

How to make shuffling questions in JCloze:

Hacking Hot Potatoes:An introduction to customizing your exercises:

Hacking in Hot Potatoes:a little knowledge brings you a lot of power:

How to edit the source files:

Documentation for Hot Potatoes source files and placeholders:

This is an activity made by me which I inserted in a padlet:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Create your own photo universe with TAG GALAXY

TAG GALAXY is an amazing piece of work to vizualize Flickr tags and pictures. maybe, you ask how it works. Well, it`s very simple you just type whatever you want to tag and all the results turn into a sun and the related tags turn into the orbiting planets. If you want to see the pictures you have to rotate and browse the galaxy and all the world of images will be closer and clearer.
 What do you think are there any possible uses in education? Yes, of course. You can use this world of pictures which triggers ideas for many purposes such as brainstorming or reinforing vocabulary.

 How do you try it?

 There is no need to register you just enter this site:   and enter the intial tag to start.

This is my universe for education:

Make awesome presentations with EWC PRESENTER

This powerful presentation tool doesn`t compare to anything. It has all the elements I have ever imaged to let all your ideas flow. It`s possible to drag, crop, give a style and what`s more to animate. This powerful application allows you to design and publish professional content that is interactive without knowing a single line of code.

What can you do with EWC PRESENTER?

 *Animations for web or mobiles

*Web presentations

 *Interactive infographics


 *Presumes (Interactive Resumes)

 *Teasers and landing pages



 *Charts and Graphs

 Link to register:

This is a presentation made by me:

Now. it`s your time to try it :)

EDPUZZLE: a tool to give an innovative touch to your classes

If you are not are not the typical teacher sticked to lessons only based on books:this is the ideal tool. I`m one of the teachers who think that students must construct their own learning by doing, experimenting and discovering:they should be active participants. Undoubtedly, this tool motivates students. Who doesn`t get bored with plain explanations on the board? Now, EDpuzzle comes with videos, voiced explanations, comments and questions. Maybe you ask yourself what else this great tool does. Well, it also collects data as students watch, interact and their progress through the answers to embedded questions. EDpuzzle allows you to crop, share and trach video use:it enhances the flipped classroom by embedding formative assesment through videos. If you think about the uses there are many ones. For example, to check comprehension of a reading or to test understanding about a topic given in class. When I learnt about this tool I also thought of monitoring progress:not only you as teacher but also your students.You can give them feedback and they can listen to themselves and reflect about their own learning. All this will result in what all teachers want to achieve: improvement in students` performance.

 All about the site: Registration:

Steps to use the tool:

1. Create a video:

Search for the video or paste the URL

Sources: EDpuzzle, Youtube, KHANAKADEMIC, LearnZillion, National Geography, TED, Veritasium.

You can also upload videos

After, you have the video you crop, record an audio track, insert an introductory comment, a conclusion or remark and give it a name.Then, save it (give it a name and choose a language). Finally, you can add quizzes during the video.

2.Create your class (provide the information:class name, subject and grade)

3.Create an assignment: you are given a share code to give it to your students (they must register and introduce the code)

Possibilities: Assign your own video

                  Allow students to find one

4.Watch analytics: watch if you students are doing well

Thursday, February 6, 2014



How to use PEARLTREES iPad?


How to install the PEARLER?


This pearltree is very special for me because it collects all the great moments I have with this class and some of their projects which were added by them using their mobile phones. 1st Juniors in null (mateach)

Organize your interests with the Pearltrees' app for Android


E-learning in null (mateach)

Organize your interests with the Pearltrees' app for Android


 1st Juniors   E-learning 


Pearltrees is a social library which lets you cultivate your interests. You can collect, organize and share everything with your students and they can make their own pearltrees teams with their projects. Not only can users can synchronize their accounts with Twitter and facebook but also broadcast the links they create.Pearltrees can be embedded into most CMS products such as DRUPAL websites and Typepad blogs. If you use Safari or Google Chrome you have the Pearltrees toolbar which contains a button for the Pearler which installs a javascript enabled entry in your Safari or Google Chrome bookmarks.

 How does the registration process work?

 1.Provide your e-mail, username and password

 2.Click on the blue OK button

 3.Add additional personal details

 4.Choose language English or French (optional)

 5.Install Pearltrees extensions


 Conclusion:Pearltrees is easy to use.Its experience is pure fun:scrolling around a visual map, zooming in and out with a pinch, exploring related items which can preview with a tap. If you want to experiment this just try it as I did. These are some of my Pearltrees:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make awesome videos:use STUPEFLIX

This web application is really awesome because you can:

 *Give a distinct look to your videos with the beautiful themes
 *Upload photos and videos from your computer, or import directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr or Picasa
 *Tell your story with Title Slides between photos, or Captions on top of photos and maps
 *Choose one of the 130 licensed music tracks in our Music Lounge, or just upload your own
 *Insert maps in your videos by simply entering an address
*Add Text to Speech (Pro)



A TIMETOAST I made about Top 10 Most Influential People In Agriculture

Make timetables:use TIMETOAST

Timetoast is a place where students can create and share timelines on the web. They can create historical timelines of important events, build a timeline of  their holidays and much more. Their timetables can be used for biography layouts on people or any other topic you can imagine.

Frequently asked questions about it: Register and try it:

 A timetoast I made about Martin Luther King:

My QrCode for my presentations on SLIDESHARE

Read it with this online application:


It`s the world`s largest community for sharing presentations and is possible to like, comment and download content.

What can you do with presentations on SLIDESHARE?

*Upload them (publicly or privately)

*Download them to reuse or remix

*Embed them on blogs or websites

*Share them on Twitter,  Facebook or Linkendl

*Slidecast: syn mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar

*Embed YouTube videos inside them

A  presentation by me:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A LINO by me

Lino: a web-based sticky note service

This service provides amazing virtual stickers with canvas which could be used for multiple purposes in your classes. Students can work collaboratively:organize, discuss and draw conclusions about assigned topics which it will turn into an unforgetable experience. Besides, teachers can also use it to brainstorm or provide materials for assignments in an interactive way. Try LINO and add fun to your classes. Register and try it:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cmap Tools: an open source software to create Concept Maps

This software has multiple uses in education for collaborative work. In Cmap Tools users have an ID and password and only the owner of the map gives permissions to add, modify and delete resources. Its use can be either synchronically or asynchronically. Concept maps can be used to braimstorm, develop ideas, draw conclusions or revision. Undoubtedly,this software is great to implement because students share, discuss and construct knowledge which results in meaningful learning that will stay in their long term memory. This is the link to download it: Some Cmap Tools made by me:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Glogster:a visual learning platform you should try

This platform allows you to create interactive posters and share them. You can load texts, graphics, music and much more. This is the link to join it: I leave you an example of a Glogster made by me. I hope you like :)

Powtoon: an innovative presentation tool

Powtoon is a free online tool which can be used to create awesome animated videos for education. You just choose a category according to your purpose:Open a Blank Project, Promotional Video, Slideshow, Educational Clip, Infographic video or Social Clip and once you assign it a title and description the great moment of creation comes. There is a great variety of styles, text effects, characters, animations, props, markers, shapes, transitions and backgrounds to choose.Besides, you can add sounds, texts and images that will make your presentation unique.If you want to try a captivating tool:Powtoon is the ideal one. This is a Powtoon I made: