Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make amazing videos using Animoto

ANIMOTO is an amazing tool for making videos which can be used for education. There is a great variety of styles:Kawaii, Brilliance, Coming Up Roses, Rustic, Antique Bouquet, Through the Blossoms, Fireworks, Animoto Original, Birthday Gifts,Carousel, Dance Party, Grid, Inferno, Infinite Collage, Inkwell, Paper Array, Simplicity, The Arena and The Future. Maybe, you ask how it works. Well, it`s quite simple. You add a title and subtitle (optional), choose a song or keep the one you are given, pick up your photos from social networks and then add captions to the images. After that, your video is ready. If you have a free account the video lasts 30 seconds and I think it is enough to express ideas.When students finish they may share,embed or download their videos and use it as part of a project. This is an example using Flickr photos uploaded from Second Life, this video could be created to reinforce past tense.

Copy of My experience in Second Life