Thursday, February 6, 2014


Pearltrees is a social library which lets you cultivate your interests. You can collect, organize and share everything with your students and they can make their own pearltrees teams with their projects. Not only can users can synchronize their accounts with Twitter and facebook but also broadcast the links they create.Pearltrees can be embedded into most CMS products such as DRUPAL websites and Typepad blogs. If you use Safari or Google Chrome you have the Pearltrees toolbar which contains a button for the Pearler which installs a javascript enabled entry in your Safari or Google Chrome bookmarks.

 How does the registration process work?

 1.Provide your e-mail, username and password

 2.Click on the blue OK button

 3.Add additional personal details

 4.Choose language English or French (optional)

 5.Install Pearltrees extensions


 Conclusion:Pearltrees is easy to use.Its experience is pure fun:scrolling around a visual map, zooming in and out with a pinch, exploring related items which can preview with a tap. If you want to experiment this just try it as I did. These are some of my Pearltrees: