Sunday, February 9, 2014

SECOND LIFE to teach

SECOND LIFE is a virtual world which provides simulation of real life enviornments. In this world students feel free to learn because they are avatars and they feel free to create and play."Second Life brings immersive, immediate and - more importantly - supportive, social and truly constructivist - potential to distance learning. Combined with a virtual learning environment such as Moodle, this is the killer education application for the inventive teacher" says Gavin Dudeney online-education consultant of The Consultants-E and co-author of How to Teach English with Technology, Longman, 2007. SECOND LIFE is much more than a 3D experience.
It may be used for:

 *Introducing a topic:They can watch videos there for discussion
                              You can project key phrases to provide input
                              You can give resources on a topic and they can exchange ideas

 *Interaction phase:Students can break into groups to practise
                            They can chat via text
                            They can teleport to different places according to their needs
                            They can roleplay
                            They can give a presentation

 *Follow up: They can reflect on their experiences
                    You can assign a project on their work

A tutorial: