Friday, February 7, 2014

EDPUZZLE: a tool to give an innovative touch to your classes

If you are not are not the typical teacher sticked to lessons only based on books:this is the ideal tool. I`m one of the teachers who think that students must construct their own learning by doing, experimenting and discovering:they should be active participants. Undoubtedly, this tool motivates students. Who doesn`t get bored with plain explanations on the board? Now, EDpuzzle comes with videos, voiced explanations, comments and questions. Maybe you ask yourself what else this great tool does. Well, it also collects data as students watch, interact and their progress through the answers to embedded questions. EDpuzzle allows you to crop, share and trach video use:it enhances the flipped classroom by embedding formative assesment through videos. If you think about the uses there are many ones. For example, to check comprehension of a reading or to test understanding about a topic given in class. When I learnt about this tool I also thought of monitoring progress:not only you as teacher but also your students.You can give them feedback and they can listen to themselves and reflect about their own learning. All this will result in what all teachers want to achieve: improvement in students` performance.

 All about the site: Registration:

Steps to use the tool:

1. Create a video:

Search for the video or paste the URL

Sources: EDpuzzle, Youtube, KHANAKADEMIC, LearnZillion, National Geography, TED, Veritasium.

You can also upload videos

After, you have the video you crop, record an audio track, insert an introductory comment, a conclusion or remark and give it a name.Then, save it (give it a name and choose a language). Finally, you can add quizzes during the video.

2.Create your class (provide the information:class name, subject and grade)

3.Create an assignment: you are given a share code to give it to your students (they must register and introduce the code)

Possibilities: Assign your own video

                  Allow students to find one

4.Watch analytics: watch if you students are doing well