Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Retelling stories in the ESL classroom.

Reading shouldn´t be a boring and passive activity. On the contrary, it should be fun and active. The process should be creative in a way that students insert in the story itself and they feel part of it.If teachers provide these conditions, learning will be meaningful. Maybe many of you think how I can achieve it and I will tell you that IT plays an important role. As you probably know  if you see concrete display beyond paper,  students will be motivated and excited (they will do their best). The big question is how to retell stories meaningfully. Well, I will provide you an example with the story Rio. I assigned two o three scenes per student and they took their time to draw and write them.They felt free and full art was displayed. Then, they rehearsed and recorded them in my mobile phone. Once all work was done, I took pictures of the scenes to make an e-book and I uploaded all audio in Soundcloud so that all scenes could be heard one after the other.It was an unforgettable experience. This is a video about it: