Thursday, April 14, 2016

Classroom rules around Technology

Technology enhances learning and motivate students. However, teachers should set certain rules to avoid its bad use. As Michael Bujela says there should be orientation on interpersonal intelligence to educate students about classroom rules regarding technology use and misuse. They need to know and reflect about their use from the beginning so as to avoid unfortunate situations. Its use should be productive. Rules are crucial to focus on the objectives. They should be discussed and written. Then they should be placed in a visible place as a warning. ICT is used to support and help them to achieve specific objectives not just to have fun and do what we can do at home. 

These are the basic rules teachers should set:

-Do not turn on computers when teachers are giving instructions
-Do not touch other students´ computers.
-Do not modify computers.
-Do not use mobiles except if you are asked for an activity. 
-Do not enter online games or social networks. 
-Respect all equipment. 
-Use the programs and applications you are asked.
-No open food or drink are permitted
-Make silence.