Thursday, April 7, 2016

Deliver unforgettable lessons

The key to succeed in teaching is to innovate, make students feel to free to create and surprise themselves with results. As I always say what it is predictable is boring and consequently short term learning. Every lesson should be special. Teachers are magic fairies who have the power to motivate students. They can make their lessons memorable. Time may pass by but students won´t forget them. Today, I´m going to write about one of my magic lessons whose aim was to reinforce vocabulary using word clouds.



Context: It is a public school in Capitan Bermudez. Students are ten years old. They are just starting to learn ESL. Most of them don´t have any extrinsic motivation and find hard to concentrate.

Aim: Reinforce vocabulary  related to days, months and numbers (1-20)
Resources: Cards, netbooks.


Warm up: 

I show students cards with vocabulary: days of the week, months of the year and numbers (1-20). Then, I asked them about their favourite ones.


1.Students are grouped in teams.
2.The teacher gives a netbook to each team. Then she gives the instructions:
A.Turn it on.
B.Enter Wordle.
C.Click on create.
D.Write the vocabulary. Use your notes.
E.Radomize. Change fonts, layouts and colours.

Conclusion: Students were really surprised when saw the word clouds they created. They wanted to learn more vocabulary to create and discover new possibilities.